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Our Services

Our complete utility reimbursement program will bill back your residents for any one, or combination of, the following utilities: Water, Sewer, Electric, Garbage & Recycling.

Ratio Utility Billing System



Through our Resident Utility Billing System, we are able to offer 2 different types of services.

  • Accounts Receivable | Property Managed  -  GWS will provide RUBS billing via post card to your residents, which would be paid monthly with their rent.​​

  • Accounts Receivable | ​GWS Managed  -  GWS will provide RUBS billing via post card to your residents, which would then be collected for all of your residents by GWS & then distributed to the client.​


  • Monitor Meter Health & Detect Leaks

  • Manage Meter Repairs

  • Review Monthly Usage


We recover the maximum amount of expenses allowed with our industry-leading technology. 

We review vacant utility bills to ensure that you are maximizing your collections.

We offer the ability to create a consolidated invoice which includes; rent:

  • Rent

  • Utilities

  • Ancillary Charges


Every utility bill is audited for accuracy. When an anomaly occurs we will notify you immediately.

  • Budgeting Assistance  -  we provide an analyzed report of property utility usage on a regular basis that can be used for forecasting future budgets.

  • Conservation  -  billing residents for utility usage encourages conservation & reduces your utility consumption.

Service Highlights

Collection File Charges

 After property manager pre-bill authorization. Greenway Services, LLC creates a utility payment charge file for entry into your properties accounting software.

Current & Historic Unit Utility Account Charges

Greenway Services, LLC will maintain all current and historic unit utility account charges for audit. Summary reports are available by request.

Resident Invoicing Service

GWS will send each authorized billable unit a monthly bill describing all utility charges/fees with instructions to remit with their next rent payment.

Pre-Billing Report

A pre-bill report for reviewing the utility amounts and billing status of each unit is provided each month.

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