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About Us

Greenway Services was established in 2005 as a  resident utility billing service.  GWS was designed to re-coup property utility expenses through a Ratio Utility Billing System. Our direct reimbursement system calculates a per unit charge by applying the property’s consumption each month, with a weighted formula based on the number of occupants. 

Greenway Services promotes conservation by providing a separate bill that lets residents know that utilities are not a free service.  With increased community and resident awareness, the lowest utility amounts are the result.

Our Process


Monthly Collection

On a monthly basis, resident information will be collected from each property. Utility bills will be collected when received by the community


Summary Billing

Each month the community will receive a summary billing for their approval.


Billing Postcards

Once approved, billing postcards will be mailed directly to your residents.



Greenway can be set up to track and collect charges. Or, charges can be paid with your residents' rent.

Our Quality Guarantee

Greenway Services prides itself on superior service. We present an accurate and timely billing service so that you ca be assured that your utility expenses are being recaptured.

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